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Table of contents

  1. Research Areas
    1. Supply Chain Management
    2. Data Science
  2. Graduate Students Supervised
    1. In Progress
    2. Graduated
  3. Publications
    1. Journal Articles
    2. Conference Proceedings and Book Chapters
    3. Edited Books and Special Issues
  4. Funding
    1. Grants in Progress
    2. Completed

Research Areas

My research interests lie primarily in the fields of supply chain management and data science spanning decision analytics and mathematical optimization problems.

Supply Chain Management

I work on inventory control under demand and supply uncertainty. These decision problems are ubiquitous in healthcare and humanitarian aid operations. I have also studied various mathematical optimization problems in production and service systems, including scheduling, lot sizing, routing, and pricing.

Data Science

My research involves combinatorial optimization approaches in numerous subdomains of data science, including supervised learning and time series analysis. In addition, I have applied some of these techniques to the toxicological evaluation of nanoparticles and interpreting EEG data.

Graduate Students Supervised

In Progress

  • Deniz N. Yoltay (3rd year Ph.D.)
  • Serkan Ürkmez (4th year Ph.D.)
  • Buket İpek Akbal (2nd year M.S.)
  • Cem Y. Yıldız (2nd year M.S.)
  • Ulvi Fındık (1st year M.S.)


  • Ph.D.
    • Tonguç Yavuz, Fall 2021, Assistant Professor at Bilgi University
    • Samira Saedi, Spring 2013, Assistant Director of Healthcare System Engineer at Texas Children’s Hospital
    • Mohammad H. Poursaeidi, Spring 2013, Senior Research Engineer at Intel Corporation
  • M.S.
    • Şeyma Gözüyılmaz, Fall 2019, Ph.D. Student at Sabancı University
    • İbrahim Edhem Sakarya, Spring 2019, Ph.D. Student at Eindhoven University of Technology
    • Ahmet Emir Tuzcu, Spring 2019, Control and Automation Engineer at Eczacıbaşı ESAN
    • Onur Şimşek, Spring 2019, Product Manager at
    • Gizem Atasoy, Summer 2018, Ph.D. Student at University of Illinois at Chicago
    • Cem Deniz Çağlar Bozkır, Spring 2018, Senior Analytics Consultant at KoçDigital
    • Ayşenur Betül Çengil, Summer 2017, Ph.D. Student at the University of Arkansas
    • Büşra Tüfekci, Spring 2016, Prodution Planning Supervisor at Beş A
    • Andrea Viacaba, Fall 2011, Global Supply Chain Analyst II at Mary Kay Global
    • Smita (Sethi) Jain, Fall 2011, Data Analyst at Wyndham Destinations
    • Savya K. Ramesh, Fall 2010, Senior Logistics Engineer at J. B. Hunt Transport Services Inc.


Journal Articles

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    FolderSource Code
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    FolderSource Code
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    FolderSource Code
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Conference Proceedings and Book Chapters

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Edited Books and Special Issues

  • H. Yang, O. E. Kundakcioglu, and D. Zeng, "Healthcare data analytics," Information Systems and e-Business Management, vol. 13, no. 4, pp. 595–597, 2015.
  • H. Yang and O. E. Kundakcioglu, "Healthcare intelligence: Turning data into knowledge," IEEE Intelligent Systems, Trends & Controversies, vol. 29, no. 3, pp. 54–56, 2014.
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  • O. Seref, O. E. Kundakcioglu, and P. M. Pardalos, Eds., Data mining, systems analysis, and optimization in biomedicine, no. 953, American Institute of Physics, 2008.


Grants in Progress

  • PI, Coordination and Management of Uncertainty in Refugee Camp Inventory Operations, TUBITAK ARDEB 1001.
  • PI, Industry 4.0 Applications in Flat Steel Manufacturing, TUBITAK BIDEB 2244, co-PI: O. Ozener.


  • Researcher, Stock Replenishment and Storage Space Allocation Problem When Demand is Stock Dependent, TUBITAK ARDEB 1001, PI: M. Önal, co-PI: E. Albey.
  • PI, Airline Optimization and Engineering System, TUBITAK TEYDEB 1507.
  • Consultant, MeVe: Supporting Tool for the Measurement and Verification of Energy Savings Under IPMVP, TUBITAK TEYDEB 1509 – EUREKA, PI: MIR ARGE, SYLTEC, CARTIF.
  • PI, TV Commercial Broadcast Management Suite, TUBITAK TEYDEB 1507.
  • PI, Inventory Management and Transshipment Policies for Drugs with No Annual Contract in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Planning Under Uncertainty, TUBITAK ARDEB 3501 Career Development Program (CAREER).
  • Consultant, Design and Development of Wireless Sensor Network Platform for Power Theft and Loss Detection on Overhead Lines, KOSGEB, PI: REENGEN.
  • PI, Development of an Activities Engine, EmLogis Incorporated Research Gift.
  • PI, Enhancing Student Engagement and Encouraging Participation Through Web 2.0 in an Online Version of Graduate Course in Optimization and Data Mining, University of Houston Faculty Development Initiative Program.
  • PI, Inventory Management for Perishable Medical Supplies, University of Houston Small Grants Program.
  • PI, Combinatorial Optimization in Kernel-based Learning Methods, University of Houston New Faculty Research Grant.